Major announcement – leading brains Review has been released! Free sample issue here. You can subscribe here – but this is limited to 1’000 people globally.

leading brains Review is a monthly e-magazine that caters to those interested in the brain and human behaviour.

I decided to set this up because of my frustration in finding high-quality information in the space of the brain and behaviour that is relevant to practical topics, in-depth enough to be interesting, based on science, and readable and accessible. This in short does not exist. leading brains Review fills this space. To summarise the goals are:

      • In-depth reviews of current themes and real-world relevant topics
      • Readable and accesible to most people
      • Based on evidence and research
      • Balanced viewpoints (we report on the good and the bad)
      • Connects brain and behavioural sciences
      • Builds knowledge of the brain over time
      • Give reference list for further research

Monthly sections include:

1. Society Brains – focus on key issues and hot topics in society and how our brains influence this

2. Healthy Brains – focus on topics that contribute to brain health

3. Learning Brains – focus on how the brain learns

4. Business Brains – focusing on the brain and business at different levels. Organisational Leadership / Team Leadership / Individual Leadership and Performance

5. The Human Brain – each month¬† brain region in focus and review of the “small stuff”

 This is targeted at:

      • Business leaders who want to understand human behaviour
      • Organisational experts who want to deepen their knowledge
      • Coaches and trainers who want to extend and expand their knowledge
      • Neuroleadership practitioners who want to keep learning and building their knowledge of the brain and neuroleadership applications
      • The curious minds who love knowledge