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Unique neuro expertise for your personal context

Online Learning

Learn all about neuro for behaviour, business, and coaching

Monthly e-magazine

Monthly dose of neuro knowledge for business, society, learning, and health


Draw on our neuro-expertise for your own individual context, goals, and challenges.

Includes face-to-face consultation, scientific academic review, training, and in-house studies.

Intended to complement your expertise with our unique neuropsychological insights, research, knowledge, expertise, and practical experience.

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Currently limited to 20 mandates


What you get


Individual consultation

Academic review

Training session


In-house study

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Online Neuro Courses

Build your knowledge and expertise, with our unique insights, quickly and easily.

Our online modules are scientifically robust (as is everything we do) but designed as short consolidated courses.

6-12 hours work should get you through each module. You can choose to have yourself certified at a small additional cost and workload.

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Currently limited to 100 active learners



Brain + Behaviour (3 Modules)

Neuroleadership (3 Modules)

SCOAP Coach (3 Modules)

Brain + Behaviour Module 1 is a prerequisite for all courses

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leading brains Review

Keep yourself updated, boost your konwledge, and build your expertsie.

Our monthly publication reviewing the brain, latest research, and thematic topics all connected to the brain and behaviour.

A unique blend of readable science

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Currently limited to 1’000 subscribers globally


What you get

The Human Brain:
latest research, brain region in focus, the small stuff

Business Brains:
topics on brain and behaviour in the following areas – Organisational Leadership / Senior Leadership / Team Leadership / Personal Leadership

Society Brains:
topics on society, culture, and the brain and behaviour

Learning Brains:
monthly review of an area of the brain and learning

Healthy Brains:
monthly insight into what leads to healthier brains

Research and HBF Updates:
updates on our proprietary models and research