leading brains was founded by Andy Habermacher to provide unique content on the brain, behaviour, and business.

This unique expertise is delivered through consultation, online training, and monthly updates, to a limited and restricted number of clients.


Scientifically robust, multi-disciplinary expertise on the brain and behaviour, and related models of how this can, and is, applied to real-world contexts such as business, learning, engagement, and well-being.

– Neuro-expertise consultation packages (restricted to 20 mandates)

– Online neuro courses (restricted to 100 current learners)

– leading brains Review – monthly publication (restricted to 1’000 subscribers + current clients)

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Who for?

We provide unique expertise to complement experts and professionals in their roles. Our knowledge is also a perfect complement to other knowledge-based organisations such as consultancies, training & development organisations, and business schools. Our clients include:

– Senior Corporate Leaders

– Corporate Learning & Development

– Corporate Diversity & Inclusion

– Corporate Leadership Teams

– HR Leaders

– Organisational Development

– Consultancies

– Training & Development Organisations


We provide knowledge and content expertise through:

  • Neuro expertise consultation packages (restricted to 20 mandates).
    Includes face-to-face consultation, scientific academic review, training, and in-house studies
  • Online neuro courses (restricted to 100 current learners)
    Online modules on Brain + Behaviour, Leadership, and Coaching
  • leading brains Review (restricted to 1’000 subscribers + current clients)
    Monthly scientific review to update and boost knowledge on brain and contextual topics.
    Sections: The Human Brain, Business Brains, Society Brains, Learning Brains

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Who are we?

Andy Habermacher, Founder
Author, independent researcher, neuroleadership expert, father, masters athlete
Jenny Watson, Founding Partner
Experienced senior HR practitioner


To make the world a little bit better.

The science shows that we can create human-friendly, high-performing organisations and this we believe is the true path to sustainable high performance.Oh, and it will earn you more money with less hassle.


Brain science gives deep insight and concrete knowledge of how humans vary and can perform to their best.

We use the science from multiple fields: the neurosciences, psychological sciences, organisational research.

Contexts change everything so we always need to understand local contexts.

We believe everything is individual and this can be measured and taken into account.

New Paradigms (maybe)
Many paradigms and models are often used out of habit, or lack of thought. We like to prove why new paradigms and models can give better results. However, we also know that in some circumstances there is no need to reinvent the wheel.