One of the few places, if not the only, you can go for deep neuro and behavioural expertise in a variety of contexts. Andy has developed numerous proprietary models over the years based on the brain, behavioural sciences, organisational sciences, and business experience.

Unique Insights

Giving you unique brain-based insights, expertise, and knowledge, in the topics, and area of your choice.

See our work here for examples of areas and corporate functions where Andy can provide value.

Andy has been working in the corporate space in leadership development, coaching, and consulting for more than 20 years now.


We include training in consultation packages to help develop internal expertise and knowledge and make sure everyone is speaking the same language.

In-Depth Review

We include an in-depth written review of the topic, challenge, context, to give you a written reference and with scientific foundations for your further work and transmission to others in the organisation.

We also offer a small scale study.