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Human Behavioural Framework Courses
Learn unique insights from neuroscience combined with evidence-based research to drive engagement, leadership and performance.
A unique framework with structured course in different streams. Online and in person. See details below.

Stand-Alone Workshops
Individual modules for open enrolment. Online and in person workshops.

Brain + Behaviour Modules
are complemented with four specialist streams:


Applying brain based approaches and consolidating leadership research for effective models.


Applying neuroscience and the SCOAP behavioural model for a meta model of effective coaching

Neuro HR/OD

Rethinking HR and OD roles with robust neuroscience models.


Become a practitioner in our assessments based on SCOAP and the Human Behavioural Framework

Human Behavioural Framework

The starting point for all courses is the

Brain + Behaviour

Base Module

Starts every month.
“A fascinating course as a stand-alone workshop or part of the educational journey”
Starting January 2nd, 2018
$ 370 in place of $470
Book by 30th November 2018

Starting February 1st 2018
$ 430 in place of $470
Book by 31st December 2018

Activation days Q1, 2018
8th January, 2018
5th February, 2018
3rd March, 2018

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A journey through the brain how it grows and how it wires and what that means for us and human behaviour.  Simply represented and scientifically accurate.
Human motivational patterns and emotional drivers. These form the core of human behaviour goals direction and interaction with the world around us.
Our evolutionary model is unique and matches human behaviour to evolutionary development of the brain. This enables clarity and insight into why we do what we do. It also explains which behaviours we share with other organisms from worms to mammals and which are completely human.
Our models are based on science and combine multiple disciplines. Neuroscience, psychology evolutionary neuroscience, organisational psychology, etc.